What happened to "The up-to-date mediaevalist"?


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It is my bittersweet duty to report that after long and faithful service, the "up-to-date mediaevalist," who used to preside over these pages, has been retired from active duty. Many of you no doubt recognized him as a reincarnation of St. John the Evangelist from the Book of Kells, and I began to get worried about the legal aspects of his presence here. Some of you, as old as I am, may even have recognized that what he was holding in his left hand was an ancient 8-inch floppy disk. (That's how long he'd been in service!)

In his absence, the "supposition dragon" has been appointed to fill his place. (Alas! I fear the "dragon" does not have the same benign disposition.)

At his retirement banquet, the "up-do-date mediaevalist" made a big point of instructing me to convey his warm regards and very best wishes to all his friends who used to visit him on these pages. The least we can do is return the sentiment and remember him fondly!

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